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San Diego Sober Living Homes at its best.  Living in recovery is a lifestyle not an event.  We believe that honesty, open mindedness, and willingness are essential to the recovery process, and encourage our sober living community to live by these principles.   Kaizen House Recovery is one of the top sober livings Homes in San Diego California.  We are dedicated to the recovery process and sobriety fellowship.  We understand the importance of a safe, supportive, and sober living environment for residents in early recovery.  With that in mind we have worked hard to establish a culture that values these principles and cultivates success.

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  • We are proud members of the San Diego Sober Living Coalition

Our sober living is fully insured and abides by the highest level of industry ethics and standards.

Finding the appropriate sober living home in San Diego to fit your needs can be a challenging task.  We are here to help.

Want additional recovery support? We can assist in helping you find the appropriate outpatient recovery center to support your needs. Just call the number above, of course this referral service is free. Whether you are looking for a sober living home for your self or a loved one, we can help provide the appropriate living situation for living sober one day at a time.

Living in a quality Sober Living San Diego Home can greatly improve your chance of successful long term sobriety.

Kaizen House Recovery Sober Living is extremely supportive of 12 step fellowships and encourage residents to attend meetings and build relationships with people who are on the same path of recovery.

After completing an inpatient treatment program transitioning into sober living home greatly increases your chances of staying sober. Establishing long term sobriety requires a complete lifestyle change that sober living homes can help implement.

Some sober living residents can benefit from enrolling in an outpatient program while living in a sober living home. This can be an alternative to inpatient treatment for some individuals. San Diego has several outpatient facilities close to Kaizen House that we can recommend. We can help you stay sober! Call us today!

If our San Diego sober living home is full, try our Orange County sober living homes.

Quality San Diego Sober Living Home in San Diego, California
Date Published: 08/23/2014
Sober Living home San Diego treats residents well and focuses on sobriety.