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We are Kaizen Recovery Inc., a dedicated mens Sober living in San Diego and Orange County, California. Voted the best sober living business in San Diego recently; Kaizen House Recovery was founded by Mike Jordan in 2013. Kaizen House Recovery was born to help others who were struggling with the disease of addiction have an affordable sober refuge that was comfortable and helped them stay sober. Since opening their doors, Kaizen Recovery Inc. has now expanded to two more locations in Dana Point, California. Become a part of our KHR family, and let us help you in your path to addiction recovery.

Kaizen House Recovery Focuses on Getting Well

Kaizen House Recovery is run by a staff of knowledgeable men in recovery, we know what it takes to be sober. We also know it’s a constant struggle; but that with the right tools, we can overcome this disease of addiction and prevail. Yes, staying sober is possible in a sober home that follows the 12-steps. This is why we take pride in having the best sober living and dedicate ourselves to creating a high quality sober living environment for our residents. We have a zero tolerance policy- keeping our home drug free. This is the culture our sober living is built on, a strong mens sober community. Our sober livings in San Diego and Dana Point focuses on maintaining a sober environment where no using in the home or out is allowed. Our residents that come to our sober living are looking to start and continue a sober lifestyle; one that will help them get past their disease and help them live in recovery successfully.. Situated conveniently among many establishments offering employment, our sober home is an ideal place to continue your sobriety in. Check out our gallery here!.

Welcome to Kaizen House Recovery! Where we live Sober and Live Well!

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